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The road trip continues!

We are a little sad to leave nola, but happy to be on the road and on the way to settled life in California, eventually.

We “backtracked” a few hours to lovely Orange Beach, Alabama to visit Katie & Patrick. Orange Beach shares Pleasure Island with Gulf Shores, which all reminds us of Cape Cod.


Katie & Patrick’s new house is beautiful and welcoming, with hard wood floors, homemade furniture pillows and custom picture frames, windows all about, an awesome porch and many friendly cats and dogs. The guest room bed was very soft and comfortable too!

blog-pic-katies-gardenKatie’s new garden is something to be envious of-  full of lettuces, radishes, carrots, blueberries, eggplant, tomatoes, herbs galore, snap peas, soybeans, okra, and more.

Other highlights: swimming in the pool at Patrick’s mom’s house (with “jumping rocks”); Tim’s sunburn; Dolphin watching on the 20-foot center console boat twice today! Here is the best picture that Katie shot around sunset.



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I’m frusturated at the fact that bicycles are a sustainable mode of transportation, yet most bikes themselves are not sustainable.  Rubber tires, carbon fiber frames, anodized parts, PVC housing, etc. etc. I’m going to begin highlighting some articles and blogs of other cyclists who share my opinions on this subject, and hopefully get a good number of people involved.  I know there are bicycle builders out there who want to create bikes from sustainalble products but are looking for some support.  I know there are currently products on the market that are more sustainable than others but just need promotion.

I’ll start things off by linking to an excellent article written last year on the blog Veloquent

Stay tuned for more.  If you have any suggestions on what we, as CSB members, can do I would love to here them.  This is the beginning of something I hope will catch on.  I may even start a new blog dedicated to C.S.B.



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I’m selling the Mondia.  I partially restored it, and now, we’re getting ready to move again, so its got to go.  interested?  Want to see the final pictures?


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