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A man now on the run.  A hero? A criminal? This is a fantastic interview of the front page man. Enjoy.

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Today in the Boston Globe there was an editorial written by Jeff Jacoby entitled The Waste of Recycling. Mr Jacoby has been know to write ridiculous things in the past that show how little he actually thinks about things, but this went a bit too far. Here is a sample quote:

Add up all the energy, time, emissions, supplies, water, space, and mental and physical labor involved, and mandatory recycling turns out to be largely unsustainable — an environmental burden, not a boon.

He finishes things off with a touch of conspiracy. Yes Mr. Jacoby, Big Brother it must be. I usually don’t get so flustered at idiotic opinion pieces but this one got me mad. People will actually believe his garbage. So, I wrote a letter to the editor. Here is what I wrote:

Dear Globe,

Mr. Jacoby has missed the point of recycling. We recycle to close the source material supply loop. For example, to make plastic from scratch we require petroleum, which is a finite material. In other words, it will eventually run dry. If we recycle the waste plastic, it returns to the beginning of the cycle as source material. I agree it requires more energy to recycle, but we as a people must get in the habit to ensure sustainability of our source materials into the future. We must also remember that using energy is not inherently unsustainable. Eventually the extra trucks and added facilities will run on renewable, sustainable energy and the oil to make our plastic will be gone. Also, we do not recycle to keep garbage out of the landfill. We recycle to keep source material in positive supply. Lets not forget recycling is just one third of the sustainable source material mantra: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Raw source material is finite, and we’re running out.

I encourage you to read Jacoby’s piece where at the end he actually seems to be encouraging us to throw things in the landfill with the confidence that there won’t be any problems as the decades tick by because, well gee, the EPA is in charge. What about when the oil runs dry? or the forests are gone? What about when the raw materials of the earth begin to dwindle? Will the EPA be there to help us mine our landfills for the plastic we threw away decades, if not centuries before?

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I for one am sick of politics as usual and have been for quite some
time now.  Democrat or Republican?  Conservative or Liberal?  Why
did Both Obama, and McCain vote for the recent “bailout”?  Republicans
are not idealistically supposed to vote for things like that.
Democrats are not either, but for different reasons.  What a shame.
Ideals, along with dignity have been flushed away.  Corruption is the
norm, and $$$$ runs the show.   I have a problem with this, and the
two-party political system as a whole.  I was going to vote for Obama,
but now I’ve changed my mind.  I am an advocate of bringing a third,
fourth, or even fifth party to the House, Senate, and Executive
Branch, and my vote will show this.

Do we only have two choices?  Both parties are corrupt, and bloated.
We always seem to settle on the person who is better and not the
person we WANT to be president.  I would like to due my duty and
remind everyone that you can vote for who you WANT.  There are many
other parties out there.  Constitution, Libertarian, Green,
Independents, etc.  The list is VERY long.  There is bound to be
someone in there aligned with your ideals.  This is the person our
constitution wants you to vote for.

I like Cynthia McKinney (Green), Ralph Nader, and Bob Barr.  We’ll be
seeing more of McKinney in later elections, but if you don’t know who
she is, think strong, committed to justice, and fierce.  An excellent
candidate for a party that typically has weak candidates.

I also think Ralph Nader is a strong choice.  I align myself with many
of his “talking points”, but I’m not sure if he can cut-the-muster.
I leave that choice up to you.

My favorite is Bob Barr of the Libertarian party.  I’ve been following
this guy and he is smart, well spoken, a reformed man, an idealist,
and he knows what role the government should be playing at home and
overseas.  He’s a stronger candidate than the previous Libertarian
Candidate (Michael Badnarik), and is on the ballot in 48 states
(including Massachusetts).

If your sick of politics as usual and want to bring REAL change to
this country, think about voting for someone you actually WANT to be
sitting in the whitehouse.  When it comes down to it, Obama is a
Democrat.  He’s a great guy, and will make a better president than
McCain, but better is not good enough for me.  I want to vote for who
i actually WANT to be president.

If you think your vote will be wasted, your wrong. Voting for who you
want is less of a waste than settling for the better of two.

Read Larry King’s interview with Michael Moore, and pay attention to
what he says about the bailout. I agree with him on this. Remember
that Obama voted for the bailout.

Listen to what Bob Barr has to say about the bailout, the war in Iraq,
among other things here: http://www.bobbarr2008.com/media-center/

Here are a few:

http://www.populistamerica.com/ (watch this if you think you like
Campaign finance reform!!!  gotta love John Stossel!)

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