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I received this letter from Corporate Accountability International. Water is a Human Right and should not be treated as a commodity for profits! Help if you can…

Dear Tim,

Do you know what the World Bank did this summer? Probably not — and that’s no accident.

The World Bank just finalized a 100 million euro investment in the world’s largest private water company to finance water privatization across Eastern Europe, yet it failed even to issue a press release.

Corporate Accountability International is dedicated to making sure such backroom deals never happen again. Will you help us fund this critical work to shed a light on Bank-backed water privatization?

Today one in six people lack access to enough safe drinking water. By 2025, that number will be two in three. Yet the most influential funder of water projects globally, the World Bank, continues to squander hundreds of millions of dollars on privatization schemes that do more to line the pockets of private corporations than reverse the global water crisis.

Even as our taxpayer dollars now flow to Eastern Europe to privatize water, the failure of the privatized water supply in the Philippines demonstrates why the Bank-backed corporate water grab needs to stop. In Manila, a crippling water shortage and skyrocketing rates are now causing thousands to go thirsty.

Give today and your tax-deductible contribution will support a groundbreaking campaign to fundamentally shift World Bank policy — away from bankrolling privatization, to investing in proven and effective public water systems.

Real solutions are within reach. Every person in the world could have access to clean, safe water by 2025 for an additional annual investment of $110 billion — that’s just 5 percent of global military spending each year.

It’s time that the Bank committed to alleviating poverty and stopped contributing to the world water crisis it purports to address. No one should go thirsty, especially when private corporations are profiting so richly from our most precious resource.

Help to secure the human right to water by supporting Corporate Accountability International’s vital work.

Your support will allow us to expose Bank deals before any dollars are exchanged… to mobilize grassroots opposition to privatization across the globe… and directly pressure the Bank to change course before millions more go thirsty.

Not only do I believe we must succeed in this charge. I know we can. Thank you for partnering with me in doing what is just.


Kelle Louaillier
Executive Director

Can’t click on any of the links above? Simply paste the following web address into your browser: https://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/2215/t/10184/shop/custom.jsp?donate_page_KEY=6663


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I found them all. I didn’t come up with the titles and the editor hacked some of them up pretty good, but they are what they are.


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Who cares about sustainability? by Nicki Holmyard

It’s safe to say that the majority of people do care about sustainability, but they don’t care enough to sort it out for themselves and want someone else to do it for them. So perhaps it is just as well that the environmental organisations are powerful enough to make the supermarkets, restaurants and suppliers care. This should not make us apathetic or underestimate the educational work still to be done, but it should make us aware that being preached at too much can turn off consumers.

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Organic Can Feed the World by Maria Rodale

(September 2010) — You probably buy organic food because you believe it’s better for your health and the environment but you also may have heard criticism that “organic cannot feed the world.”

Biotech and chemical companies have spent billions of dollars trying to make us think that synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are necessary to feed a growing population. But science indicates otherwise.

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Take Action at Food & Water Watch!

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How exiting! Here is the link to the Amazon page so you can buy it:

Unleashed Fury: The Political Struggle for Dog-friendly Parks by Julie Walsh

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BP Executive Grilled on Oil Spill (Anderson Cooper)


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